Los Osos Flow

Los Osos Flow

Outrageous Los Osos Water Rate Increases

Interested parties should attend the Golden State's Water meeting  Tuesday Feb 4 at 6 PM South Bay Community Center and 8 PM, 2180 Palisades Ave, Los Osos.

Please attend, bring neighbors, friends and ask business owners and Condo association Board members to attend. If you Know any School board members have them attend. We are seeing our quality of life suppressed with the excessive rate increases while the Not for profit water company across the Valley sells water from the same source for half the price.
We need residents to sign up for our web site and news letter, we will need help in organizing a united front to stop these excessive rate increases. Please sign in if you want to be notified, can help making calls, door to door passing out of  information.
As a volunteer organization we are dependant 100% on donations we need your help. Look at the oldest water bill you can find and see how much they have increased  our basic necessity, water. Attend this meeting and  Ask why they are twice as much as the Los Osos Community Serviced District Rates.
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Bottom line, higher rates back to the 40% range, increased WRAM charges from 20+ to 40%+ due to the drought and the ability for GSWC to charge for water NEVER delivered, unlimited increases in administration, accelerated replacement of infrastructure.
All of our predictions of future costs have been exceeded. They will more than double our predicted costs.
Communities must understand that they need to purchase their water suppliers now, while the cost is so 
CHEAP! The longer we wait, the more maintenance, replacement and upgrading GSWC will be doing at the highest cost possible with full recovery. 
Once the General Rate Case starts this JULY, we will be in a fight for our lives. Each community needs to pressure their Assemble and California Senate members to change CPUC to elected not appointed. We really need to threaten our Assembly and Senate with election challenges if they won't support affordable water.



Los Osos Flow
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