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We are asking each homeowner to donate $100 (or whatever they are able) to STOP-THE-RIPOFF - to show their support in OUSTING Golden State Water.  We are using these funds ONLY to print and mail out flyers to educate our ~2500-home community, print STOP-THE-RIPOFF signs which are strategically placed throughout the community to create awareness, other marketing materials (window decals are coming!!) plus obtain Legal Counsel. Now that we're in the "high water bill" summer months AND with the recent 16% rate hikes, $100 is a very small fraction of most of our homeowners' bills.

This project needs your support to be successful.

Thank you! And Thank You for your community support!  We can't do this without you! 

Please spread the word on your street and get to know your neighbors.  And don't forget to enter our Let's Be Heard Summer Lottery!  to win GREAT Prizes

If you would like to pay by check, please make a check out to Los Osos Flow and send it to PO Box 6283 Los Osos Ca, 93402
THANK YOU for your generous Support!  
We can’t do this without you!  

  Please encourage your neighbors to donate! 

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Bottom line, higher rates back to the 40% range, increased WRAM charges from 20+ to 40%+ due to the drought and the ability for GSWC to charge for water NEVER delivered, unlimited increases in administration, accelerated replacement of infrastructure.
All of our predictions of future costs have been exceeded. They will more than double our predicted costs.
Communities must understand that they need to purchase their water suppliers now, while the cost is so 
CHEAP! The longer we wait, the more maintenance, replacement and upgrading GSWC will be doing at the highest cost possible with full recovery. 
Once the General Rate Case starts this JULY, we will be in a fight for our lives. Each community needs to pressure their Assemble and California Senate members to change CPUC to elected not appointed. We really need to threaten our Assembly and Senate with election challenges if they won't support affordable water.



Los Osos Flow
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